Gold Coast Airport Transport Infrastructure

Gold Coast Airport Transport Infrastructure

With the growth of Gold Coast airport there will also be a reciprocal growth in transport infrastructure to and from the Gold Coast airport. Some of that transport transport infrastructure has already been started and the debate continues on the best way to use that to service Gold Coast airport.

Gold Coast Airport: Existing Transport Options

Buses From Gold Coast Aiport

The Gold Coast airport is serviced by buses, taxis and airport transfer companies like Black Label Transfers. The buses are part of the existing Gold Coast bus system run by Surfside bus company. There are two bus services that run out of the Gold Coast airport. One is the standard bus run that takes you up to Broadbeach where you can change for other buses or the Gold Coast light rail (which we’ll discuss again in a minute because it figures in Gold Coast airport’s transport future). The other bus is a tourist bus and it takes you directly to your hotel or accommodation. The costs vary greatly between the two services. Mostly people use the shuttle bus for its convenience. Often though, if you’re paying for the cost of a family, the costs are comparable to a proper airport transfer service. Black Label Transfers prices page shows you the costs of hiring a dedicated airport transfer service for your family.

Airport Transfers Services

As mentioned, airport transfer services exists into and out of Gold Coast Airport. Services like ours offer premium airport transport. The advantages are you can book in advance and you know we’ll be there to pick up. You’re guaranteed a level of comfort and convenience that doesn’t exist with other services.  There is a price difference between a premium airport transfer service and a bus but the levels of services are quite different also.

Shuttle Buses From Gold Coast Airport

There are shuttle bus services available from the Gold Coast airport. These services are group runs, whereby  mini-bus or similar vehicles fill up and distributes passengers around the Gold Coast. Compared with our premium airport transfer services they’re cheaper (for a single passenger, actually same more expensive for a family of four) but they’re of a very different standard. The trip is often much longer (if you’re at the end of the journey and you’ve made five detours to drop the other passengers) and the accommodation in the vehicle much more basic. For a single person looking to save money they’re often a good option.

Grab A Taxi from Gold Coast Airport

And of course you can always get a taxi. If you haven’t planned ahead and booked an airport transfer service and you need to get directly to your destination then a taxi is the only way to go. Costs are similar to a premium airport transfer service. We’d argue that the service isn’t as good. (They’re not going to meet you and carry your bags, you have to carry your own luggage to the taxi rank. They don’t have chilled water and movies for your children.) But the convenience is high. Taxi’s are usually available and you’ll have a good chance of getting one in a timely manner.

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