Travel Tips: Keep Your Home Secure
Burglar committing a burglary crime in a house with a crowbar

Travel Tips: Keep Your Home Secure

One thing many of us worry about when we travel is the safety of our homes. And it goes well beyond the cliche of the iron left one at home. When our homes are vacant they’re also targets for thieves. I know this personally, having had a thief in my backyard the night I came back from a holiday. No doubt, having left the place unattended for two weeks, it was scoped by this thief and marked as a target. It was fortunate I chose this date to return and was able to protect my property. But now, let’s discuss some ways of securing your property while you’re away.

1: Neighbours Are Great

Have you got to know your neighbours yet? The people who live next to you are your immediate community. You should know them. They’re also the people best placed to observe your property while you’re away. They can also create activity around the house, watering plants and removing letters from the letterbox. These simple activities make it look like your home is occupied. And is therefore less likely to become a target.

2: Smart Lights

Having lights that turn on and off is a great way to make it look like someone is home. Don’t overplay your hand on this one. And vary the schedule if you can. A great way to do this is using smart lights. For instance, I use the TP Link Kasa lights (supplied through Pogo). I can set multiple schedules on these things via my phone. And I can change them and turn lights on and off from anywhere in the world. Just make sure you get your schedules right. I once came home and a neighbour complained that my porch light was left on the whole time. I had set the turn off time to 1130am instead of 1130pm. 

smart bulbs

3: Security Cameras

You want to get security cameras you can check from anywhere around the world. There’s nothing quite as reassuring as being able to actually see your property. Good security systems these days all come with phone apps. And these are are getting better and better. Modern systems let you scroll between motion detection events so easily you’ll be amazed. 

If you’re on the Gold Coast try TES Gold Coast for security cameras. 

If you’re in Brisbane try Bob at Brisbane Security Alarm Systems

four cameras and network record

4. House Sitters

There’s little better protection than having your house occupied. House sitters fulfill this and more. I’ve had great success using house sitters. They’ve walked our dogs and watered our plants. It’s great to come back a home that’s been kept tidy. There are so many organisations that do house sitting these days that I won’t bother giving you a link. Just do a search and pick one with good references.  

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